Exercise (Skip LaCour)


  •  1) My physique development would be amazing. I would have a v-taper like no other. My arms would be massive and deeply cut. My chest chiseled, large, and flat. Each ab muscle completely visible so that I can grab onto each individual one if I want. My sex-lines would be amazing. My back huge and looking like mountains. My legs huge with veins running through them and the muscles visibly separated. Striations in my lower back and throughout my whole body.
  • 2) My genetics may not allow me to reach this. Or not eating enough food.
  • 3) I need to believe that this physique is attainable by eating a lot of food and I have the discipline and willpower to stick with it long enough to reach these goals.
  • 4) Dr. DiPasquale has found a way to mimic steroids by the way we eat. My family supports me in my decisions and keeps me feeling good about the decisions I have made to do this. I have tons of training information from bodybuilders all over the world. I truly have a bodybuilding library of knowledge. My inspiration is to become better than Skip LaCour.
  • 5) Change my friends to supportive ones and people who think the same way as me. It is much easier with support.